1. The dog chewed the sofa to shreds.
2. The cat used the sofa as a litter box.
3. Your uncle has been living on the sofa for over 3 months.
4. You spilled the 5th glass of merlot on the sofa.
5. You purchased the sofa before the Y2K non-crisis.
6. Your kids were raised on the furniture and now they have graduated from high school.
7. You moved the sofa on a flatbed truck. And it rained.
8. You moved the sofa on the flatbed truck and you dropped it in the mud trying to unload it.
9. The dining room table is covered in marker, scratches and glue from too many school projects.
10.  The bookshelf is wobbly and missing 2 shelves.
11. The armoire doors won’t stay closed and the TV cabinet doors won’t stay open.
12. The mattress has the permanent dent for your butt.

13.  You and you husband both roll to the center of the bed because the box spring is cracked.
14. The recliner is a hazard and you almost threw your back out trying to get up.
15. The kid’s furniture is a mix of hand-me-down pieces from over 3 relatives.
16. More the 1 out of the 5 drawers in the chest of drawers is hanging out.
17. The ottoman looks like it died in your living room.
18. The barstools are unsafe.  They swivel and wobble uncontrollably when you sit.
19. The bed creaks. A lot. You know what we mean.
20. Someone has passed on. And no one wants their stuff.
21. Someone has gone off to college and you want to repurpose their room.
22. The dog has used the sofa as a potty pad, multiple times.
23. The kids threw up on the couch when they had that 24 hour bug.
24. The furniture came out of storage smelling like burnt cheese.
25. The furniture has spent any amount of time in a dorm lobby or college frat house. EWWW.

It’s just time to call for furniture removal and disposal if you can identify with any of these reasons. Don’t even look back or think twice.  Have this junk picked up and come to our showroom to pick up some “new” antiques that are more

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